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Bouter En Avant!  Full Speed Ahead with JULIA CHILD, takes the reader behind the scenes and into JULIA CHILD’s off-screen adventures, depicting, through the eyes and memories of her friend, Julia’s dedication—even beyond her life’s work of saving America from demise by frozen TV-dinners—to striding ever-forward with gusto for life and for creating, with family and friends, “real little families” through gastronomy. Savor with Julia’s “real little families”—in this mémoire of friendship—the extraordinary, positive force for making all things around her better that was and is Julia Child and her legacy. Bon appetit!​

“Madeleine’s telling of a wonderfully fun relationship brings back so many memories.  Being with both her and Julia at many times and events along the food and wine road, I remember two people who enjoyed and appreciated every moment of life. I raise a glass to them both!” 
—John Scharffenberger, Scharffenberger Sparkling and Scharffen Berger Chocolates.

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