The last of the Cordon Rouge with friends gathering for Madame Champaign's book signing on August 13. 2014.
The Chateau Marmont’s book-signing for Madeleine’s book about the history of Civilization according to Wine: The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne 
and Birthday event for Julius Caesar.

All photos taken by Internationally recognized photographer, Greg Heubner. By the time the photos began to be snapped more than half of the guests had departed. But those dear friends who remained enjoyed the last of Champagne Mumm’s Cordon Rouge.

Sally Sarlot returned home to the hotel which her late husband, Ray Sarlot, preserved for posterity, The Chateau Marmont.   Here Sally and Madeleine talk about the good old and good new days at The Chateau.

GH Mumm’s Cordon Rouge, the Champagne of the Legion of Honor.  Served to those celebrating the General of many legions, Julius Caesar.