1984 trip to visit Antonio Mastroberardino and his winery in Atripalda, Italy.

One day, after visiting Mastroberardino’s vineyards of Fiano di Avellino, he took us to visit Pompeii. 
Friends in this photo are: 2nd from left: Antonio Mastroberardino. 3rd from left:  Madeleine de Jean 4th from left: Michael Belardo; 5th from left: Ina Belardo;
In the big hat: Filippo di Belardino;
​Next from Filippo: James Suckling in his first years with the Wine Spectator, and on his first trip to Italy;
In back of James Suckling: Luke Baars.
ALL DEAR FRIENDS still today.
Viva Mastroberardino and his recovery of ancient vines.