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Renown wine-expert and ‘nose’, Rebecca never imagined she’d also become a
wine-detective.  But when ruthless "Doctor ‘47’ and his dark forces continue saturating the market with chemical, copy-wines, Rebecca must travel across time and space, seeking the first vine.  

The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne is an adventure layered out over eleven thousand years to the creation of wine.  The god of winehimself, Dionysos, unveils to Rebecca and involves her in how –Wine-making started in India and China in 9000 B.C.;
-  Pharaoh Narmer signed peace treaties over wine six-thousand years later;
-  King Nestor inherited wine and therewith postponed the Trojan War; and
-  Julius Caesar used vineyards and wine to his advantage to forge Rome into the Empire.
 On this trip through time in space, on strings and quarks, Rebecca is joined by friends on their own adventures:  Wolfgang Puck, John Scharffenberger, and Julia Child are among those gastronomically and vinously seeking their hearts’ desires as they travel alongside into the civilizations of Homer and Virgil, exposing the truth behind Euripides’s Bacchae and the history waiting for explanation found on Exekias’s krater of Dionysos, detecting wine’s marvelous connections to civilization.

But can wine’s transforming marvels continue?  ‘Doctor 47’ and his ruthless associates are back at work in chemistry labs and on  Wall Street, economically andfraudulently engineering the end of the world’s vineyards and of wine, and, therefore of Rebecca herself, as they continue spreading deadly ‘Copy Wines’.

Will Rebecca, with  Dionysos and Julius Caesar foil ‘Doctor ‘47’, saving the world of wine? 
Will Rebecca and Julius Caesar invent Champagne in 50 B.C.?
 Each time you enjoy a glass of wine made of grapes from any of the now hundreds of
thousands of vineyards, you participate in Dionysos’s story.  With every frothing of Champagne at your lips, you are drinking stars; for all of us, all things on planet earth, are creatures of star-dust and of Dionysos.  The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne tells how it all happened.  Nunc bibendum est.

Madeleine de Jean, Madam Champagne,

Champagne Toujours,