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  • madeleinedejean

November 28, 1972

The sun stood smack at the top of 49th today.  Well, I walked out my door and turned toward Broadway. And there it was. Giant red ball filling all the space between the buildings on either side. But it was slightly out of place  by 51st.  It just peeked at me as I raced by. Something strange and curious was happening in the sky. Everything was getting ready; clouds were straightening out, Expectantly waiting for the sun.

“Stand still, dance in place, don’t run.”  When something this grand is, can there be a doubt? It is beyond beyond! The Sun God’s in his barge.

I run to 52nd. When He arrives he’s not really so large.   It’s only the sun that we see most every day. So pull yourself together and keep walking up Broadway.


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