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THE STAR OF THE "MAGI": who were the "MAGI"?




Actually there was an important "society" of MAGI. And actually they wore tall peaked hats and were seekers of all knowledge.

The Three Great Pyramids of GIZA are photographed here at the end of 2022 with an amazingly bright star overhead.

These three pyramids are said to mirror the three stars in Orion’s belt in the sky above.

Was the star followed by the Magi at the time of the birth of Christ as large? OR was it LARGER?

At the time of the birth of Christ, (it is long and variously reported) three members of the Society of Magi (Caspar, Balthazar and Melchior?) had for months been seeing an amazingly bright star in the sky. This particular group of MAGI ("Wise Men") studied the natural phenomena and calculated the paths of stars and the rotation of galaxies in the solar system (and perhaps in galaxies in other systems as well). It is now well known that in the Bronze Age there existed amazing optics, optics for more advanced that what we have today. So the far reaches of the universe would be of great interest to true scholars as were MAGI.

Magi also are said to have possessed the knowledge of sound and how to move immensely heavy objects by the use of sound.

For some decades before the time of the birth of Jesus Christ there had been predicted the coming birth of a great savior, someone much needed in those times of political change and huge social unrest ... not too different from ours today.

Many kings had put large bounties out if anyone could deliver this so called Savior to them so as to eliminate such a threat to their powers.

These WISE MEN, these three MAGI, likely were not motivated in their search by money, but by their true Dedication to learning.

Then to suddenly have a blazingly obvious, enormous natural phenomenon appear in the skies at this very time, must have truly fascinated them.

And they, Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior, set out to follow this star to where it would lead them.

Was the star they were following as bright and as large and stunning as this image portrays above the Great Pyramids? One must believe it was so and much more.

I have wondered what happened to these three scholars and magicians who came to find the new King, Jesus?

I wonder what became of them and how they spent the rest of their lives?

It is reported that they returned to their homes by very different routes so as not to be involved in any machinations by despots through whose territories they may have passed en route there.

***MAGI's tall, peaked hats were rumored to actually be sound chambers through which they could reach the vastness of outer space.

Another group of this society is rumored - for the last 4000 years - to have actually moved all those pyramid stones by sound. And then put them in place with the assistance of thousands of workers.

I will continue this discussion of MAGI in another post. They continue to fascinate.


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