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Madeleine de Jean

Explorer, actor-director, film-maker, oenologist, wanna-be archaeologist, grandmother, has been writing stage plays since she was 10, segued to writing screen plays and historical fiction and non-fiction. Wine-expert, who helped create the fine wine world in this country in the 1970s.

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And The Stars Began to Fall

For And The Stars Began to Fall, Madeleine has been researching in situ for decades with archaeologists. It all began when archaeologist Elizabeth Wace French sent Madeleine her PhD thesis on Bronze Age clay figurines found at her work-site, Mycenae. 

Later Sharon Stocker and Jack Davis allowed her into their excavation of The Tomb of The Griffin Warrior. And The Stars Began to Fall was born. Twenty proceeds of the sale of the book will go to the conservation of The Tomb of The Griffin Warrior in PYlos, Greece. Help this cause.

The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne

Also author of Julius Caesar Invented Champagne, a serious Wine Book, in which the reader goes with the protagonist on a voyage back to meet up with the first vines after the last Ice Age, tracing forward vitis vinifera ampelography, and traveling with the vine ever West.

Julia Child, A Memoire of Friendship

Madeleine is also author of a non-fiction memoire: Julia Child, a memoire of friendship, Naturally this book is about the long-legged, zany, and well-loved darling of America's kitchens, Julia Child. There is not one recipe in this book, but it is filled with stories about, and pictures of, Julia, showing the real, caring, highly intelligent woman she was.

Madeleine soon will release another non-fiction: Three Wine Tastings that Changed Their World.

She will also release a trilogy of stage plays set in Louisiana: one a true story that takes place during the Civil War in which a Union General saves the lives of nuns and students at a convent isolated in the countryside and bombarded daily. The General and Reverend Mother; another about a Brigadoon-like town that appears every century or so when there are important things to uncover, More Frogs; and a third, The Witch of Maurepas, based on a folk-tale about a white witch who lives in Maurepas swamp.


Madeleine de Jean instructs a chef on the mechanics of 'sabering a champagne bottle'.

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