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And the Stars Began to Fall

Deep in the night at the Bronze Age site of Mycenae, archaeologist Margaret Benson is warned by a tiny clay figurine she unearthed, “We are real girls. You are out of time.” Can Margaret believe and do as a figurine directs in time to prevent a cataclysmic destruction such as ended Bronze Age Mycenae? Believe in time to save herself and the now 3200 year-old girls?

Margaret Benson’s professional and personal life is rich with friends many of whom rush to the Rescue: The owners of the Hotel Belle Helene; her Assistant Director, Allison; teams of Geologists and Anthropologists and Engineers and Archaeologists, all converge at the site. This diverse cast makes for a story that is as entertaining as it is archaeologically fact-filled.

The Peloponnesos Society cataclysmically, mysteriously, spectacularly, ended in 1185 B.C., a Society far more advanced than ours. Was the cause - terrestrial?; Extra-terrestrial?; Gods from on high?

Read: And The Stars Began To Fall.

- J. Murphey on Amazon

as you sink into, “and the STARS began to FALL” it is a perfect blend of whimsy weaved with history! I am inspired to learn more about Greek mythology and visit the archaeological sites to explore! There is a lot to keep up with and it is well worth it as we accompany Margaret Benson on her journey!

- A. Gross on Amazon

What a delight it was to take this marvelous magical mystery tour originating in Bronze Age Greek Peloponnesus, an advanced and humanitarian society, to present day when our modern civilization may be on course to experience the same fate that befell those ancient Greeks, so many centuries ago. Will our protagonist, archaeologist Margaret Benson, who receives warning of impending doom from the clay figurine of a Bronze Age Greek girl, which she studies and which is housed in the museum at Mycenae, succeed in averting disaster for her and her world.

- D. Lease on Amazon

Once I got into the story, I could not put this book down. It made me more curious to learn about Greece, Greek mythology, and understand more about the archaeological digs happening now. If you have ever watched the show 'Ancient Aliens', you will love this book too. How did the great and advanced Bronze Age Peloponnesos Society thrive? What were their contributions, and how did their time on this earth really end? This book will compel you to make that trip to Greece, and visit Athens, the Parthenon, Mycenae, and more. Madeleine de Jean has given us a story I would like to see made into a movie!

Midwest Book Review

And the Stars Began to Fall Review Excerpt

"Readers anticipating an archaeological mystery or supernatural suspense story will find heavy doses of both in this book, as well as an alternate history historical backdrop that will intrigue sci-fi enthusiasts.


Any singular reader of these genres may be surprised by the other elements which coalesce here, but this just makes the book a stronger, wider-ranging, less predictable, and thoroughly delightful story that will reach a large audience."


a mémoire of friendship

JULIA CHILD, a mémoire of friendship, takes the reader behind the scenes and into JULIA CHILD’s off-screen adventures, depicting, through the eyes and memories of her friend, Julia’s dedication—even beyond her life’s work of saving America from demise by frozen TV-dinners—to striding ever-forward with gusto for life and for creating, with family and friends, “real little families” through gastronomy. Savor with Julia’s “real little families”—in this mémoire of friendship—the extraordinary, positive force for making all things around her better that was and is Julia Child and her legacy.


Bon appetit!

Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Picturesque Walk

Julius Caesar Invented Champagne

Renown wine-expert and ‘nose’, Rebecca never imagined she’d also become a wine-detective. But when ruthless ‘Doctor ‘47’ and his dark forces continue saturating the market with chemical, copy-wines, Rebecca must travel across time and space, seeking the first vine. Julius Caesar Invented Champagne is an adventure layered out over eleven thousand years to the creation of wine. The god of wine himself, Dionysos, unveils to Rebecca and involves her in how – - Wine-making started in India and China in 9000 B.C.; - Pharaoh Narmer signed peace treaties over wine six-thousand years later; - King Nestor inherited wine and therewith postponed the Trojan War; and - Julius Caesar used vineyards and wine to his advantage to forge Rome into the Empire. On this trip through time in space, on strings and quarks, Rebecca is joined by friends on their own adventures: Wolfgang Puck, John Scharffenberger, and Julia Child are among those gastronomically and vinously seeking their hearts’ desires as they travel alongside into the civilizations of Homer and Virgil, exposing the truth behind Euripides’s Bacchae and the history waiting for explanation found on Exekias’s krater of Dionysos, detecting wine’s marvelous connections to civilization. But can wine’s transforming marvels continue? ‘Doctor ‘47’ and his ruthless associates are back at work in chemistry labs and on Wall Street, economically and fraudulently engineering the end of the world’s vineyards and of wine, and, therefore of Rebecca herself, as they continue spreading deadly ‘Copy Wines’. Will Rebecca, with Dionysos and Julius Caesar foil ‘Doctor ‘47’, saving the world of wine? Will Rebecca and Julius Caesar invent Champagne in 50 B.C.?


Let the Archaeologist and Detective in you dive into the past with Moments and Memories from Madeleine de Jean...

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