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13There is a man who dreams in stars.

I have a friend who dreamed in stars. Oh, I know Dom Perignon said he was drinking stars. But my friend is Stars. Stars, stars, stars. He drank stars; he saw stars; he cooked with and for stars; he had stars at his feet, and he drove a starry car. And in my friend’s wake all who flocked to his doors too became stars. To enter his starry establishment was to become star-dusted. You may wonder, could there ever have been such a place as I dream, called Stars? Of course there was. I know this star-gazer, star-enchanter: he is my friend, Jeremiah Tower.

Jeremiah is made of stars: composed of Co2, the gas of life, the gas that fuels stars.

He is ever-ready for a new star-struck adventure. Like his current love of finding stars at the bottom of the sea as he soars among those denisons, the largest of sharks called whale.

For Jeremiah this adventure is necessary because, he explained, he once had a fear of the sea. Did, I wonder, he have a fear of stars?

If so he has mastered both by up-close and personal contact, breathing that gas of life. Stars.

As we celebrate the birth of the King of Stars, of Heaven and Earth, shall we not also all aspire to breathing, as Jeremiah does, the gas of life, Co2, the stuff of star-dust?

And, in so doing, let us all praise our creator, and wish each and all of us on this planet a star-filled and glorious New Year:2014.

Madeleine, Madam Champagne

If you have read this blog before you must know that before it ends I will speak of another friend who in fact invented Champagne. Julius Caesar. He is getting close to rebellious if his word is not heard soon. So I quiet him and offer him some of what he too loves, Co2. I see Caesar lift his kylix, and, with a smile, toast the world.

Can any of you guess how many bubbles there are in every 750ml bottle of Champagne?

Champagne Toujours, The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne…soon.


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