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Prince Golitsyn’s Champagne

19.. Prince Golitsyn’s Champagne:

Novy Svet Winery's "Coronation" Sparkling Wine

In 1900 at Paris’s World Exhibition, an unusual bottle was included in the Champagne-tasting competition. Russian Prince Lev Golitsyn entered his Novy Svet, method champenoise, full-mousse wine into the prestigious competition for Champagnes.

The envelope please:

Prince Golitsyn’s Crimean sparkling wine, in a blind-tasting, – the Premier Judgment of Paris – came in first: overturning; mind-blowing; upsetting all the esteemed judges’ taste-buds. And thus today, the only vineyard in the world outside of the DOAC of Champagne, France, whose wines can legally be called Champagne is in the Ukraine, Crimean Novy Svet.

The Prince was a not only a member of the Russian Royal Family, but an experienced oenologist who understood that his Crimean land was on the golden parallel, between which the finest of wines can be produced. In 1896 his sparkling wines were served at the festivities for the coronation of the newest Tzar. It was from one of these wines produced for that evening that came the bottles entered at the Paris exhibition of 1900.

As a result of this startling Judgment the Prince’s sparkling wines were deemed worthy of bearing the word Champagne, making them today the only sparkling wines in the world outside of Champagne to be so blessed. Quiet an official honor the Exhibition’s Judges bestowed.

The winery has been restored, as well as the underground caves. Visitors to the Crimea should seek out and visit this world-class Champagne producing winery.

Let the Games begin!

Caesar would be proud of how his invention has spread.

The Night Julius Caesar Invented Champagne


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