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Tina Packer and Shakespeare are like Champagne

Tina Packer and Shakespeare and Company are definitely like Champagne

Before you go please read Shakespeare and Company’s Mission Statement and find the answers to these important questions:

What does it mean to be alive?

How should I act? and What must I do?

Shakespeare and Co believes that the creative impulse is essential to the human soul and the arts are the realized expression, creating in the creator and observer alike compassion and humanity. Read more at the site please.

Go to see how what Tina and Shakespeare and Company are doing to create life and understanding, buoyed on the gas of life, like Champagne.

Sante! and praise for the work of Tina Packer and her work in theatre art. Madeleine Madam Champagne

Post Script: in 1969 I took my little daughter to see the great French actor, Louis Seigner perform le Malade Imaginaire at the Comedie Francaise. That afternoon was Maitre Seigner’s 180th performance, an iconic role for him. The audience spoke the lines, at first softly, and finally sounding, some shouting, the words with the great actor. Such a tribute: they had memorized the whole play.

My daughter was transfixed during listening to and somewhat participating in so dramatic an afternoon.


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