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1895 A.D, Paris, France.

HATS, HATS, Hats: It sure seems women and hats fashions have not changed all that much in the last 3000 years.

BUT WHAT HAS?  AND how do these hats relate to all those changes? Or non-changes?

What else has stayed the same? What has not?

Why are we unable to understand that those very humans who designed and wore those hats in 1300 B.C. were as advanced – if not far more so – than those who made and wore those hats in 1890 A.D., Paris, France?

The Minoan and Mycenean Greeks and their neighbors and allies in Egypt and Hatti and Assyria were far from barbarians.   Their alliances created a bond that lasted until the so-called People of the Sea and the People of the Sky arrived en masse to destroy for their gain. And all those marvelous banks of universities of knowledge all the innovative and ecological innovations were suddenly gone.  And for hundreds of years following 1185 B.C. all was dark.  When humanity returned with writing who we had become was far far less.

That knowledge had been almost irretrievably lost; we are still struggling to relearn.  The Minoans and Myceneans were en route to harnessing the sun for controlling the climate and themselves.  Then in 1185 B.C. all was lost.  Along with so many far more mundane things. Like HATS.

IN Krete in 1300 B.C. there existed universal plumbing, with running water in homes in baths and in kitchens.   In Paris, France in 1890 A.D. there was no internal plumbing in homes or very little. Baths were poured over one bathing from pitchers (see Renoir’s paintings of The Bather), and toilets were outdoors. There was no universal plumbing in homes and cities until after World War 2.

In Krete and on the Greek Mainland in the 1300s B.C. there were observatories with magnification allowing for study of the Solar System. The optics that existed still out-magnify any we have today in 2022 A.D. In Paris in 1890 A.D. such observatories were quite primitive by comparison, and very new.  And the type of magnification we still work with today has not yet achieved the capabilities that existed in 1250 B.C.

Climate Change is real.  We are on the brink of destroying ourselves by behaving like there is no end to what flows when we turn on the faucet.  But water is almost gone. And we must act fast and begin doing the hard little things like no grass, no sprinklers, no watering plants during the day.  We must stop creating and advertising those humongous trucks and vans like there is no Armageddon staring us in the face. We must get solar cars with small batteries that are efficient at storing blue and red spectra of sunlight, efficient at storing and using all the sunlight from the roof and hood of the cars. (Even in cloudy countries like Norway they understand that the sun is right out there and gets through those clouds). We must get our power companies to change from fossil fuel electrical to wind and solar to power all our cities and states.  It cannot work, house by individual house by individual house.  So inefficient and non productive.  So many of the companies that install out of date panels and sell those 25year warranties, the companies that so often go fast out of business and leave home owners with useless warranties and panels that do not work because they were old before they were installed are making Real Estate Agencies refuse to accept clients that are selling houses with Solar panels. This kind of solar business has to stop. And our state-wide power companies must become solar generated and thereby connect each home and business to solar power.

HATS HATS HATS. See what all those hats from 1300 B.C. and all those HATS from 1890  A.D. have shown me. IF we do not harness the Sun and utilize its power to fuel our planet, the Sun will continue to destroy us.


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