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Champagne at Julia Child Memory Lane luncheon in Denver Nov 10. 2013

1 Champagne at Julia Child Memory Lane luncheon in Denver, Nov. 13, 2013

Sunday, a week ago today, I traveled Memory Lane to host again my once-annual Julia Child luncheon. Last Sunday’s lunch was not just a memory, but the real thing. Missing though was the first key ingredient, Julia, herself, bon appetit; but I know she was seated in the chair-of-honor I set for her, enjoying all the praise she received from her guests.

A fitting ending to the 9th annual Denver International Wine Festival, at the Omni in Broomfield, Colorado, the Julia Child Memory Lane luncheon was co-hosted by the creators of the DIWF, Darcy and Chris Davies. The menu I had created in 1989 for my first luncheon for Julia at the Jerome hotel in Aspen (with GM then and now Tony di Lucia) was replicated: from the divine fried chicken to the deliriously maddeningly decadent chocolate cake, all washed down by Champagnes GH Mumm Cordon Rouge, and Mumm Rose, Taittinger’s Brut La Francaise and Brut Rose, and, from the oldest house in Champagne, Gosset’s Grande Brut and Grande Rose. Sabering was in order, and Chef Mario acquitted himself admirably.

Memory Lane it was, guests standing to remember Julia: her recipes, her help with their careers (Cliff Young of his famous and eponymous restaurant in Denver, spoke movingly of this), her enthusiasm and fervor in bringing gastronomy, freeing America from death-by-frozen-TV-dinners.

I was sorry her niece and nephew-in-law, Phila Cousins and Bob Moran, could not be with us as in the past, but they are in Venice gondola-ing the cannels on a second honeymoon.

Admirably was I assisted by the Omni’s Champagnettes, Julie, Meredith, and Mary.

Until the next one, November 22, 2014, bon appetit to us all!

Dear Julia, how we miss you! 

your friend,



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