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Julius Caesar Veneris Happy Julius Caesar Friday

JULIUS CAESAR VENERIS: Happy Julius Caesar Friday!

Letter from: Military Tribune, Gaius Volusenus


To: The Empire                     

TIDINGS, citizens.  Ave Socii.

Today Imperial General CAIUS JULIUS CAESAR rides again.

His history, as told in Julius Caesar Invented Champagne is now published and available to all within the Empire, and those without too, through

SIGNED: Gaius Volusenus, IV, Commander of Caesar’s cavalry.

Ave, et vale.

Below a synopsis of Julius Caesar Invented Champagne:

Rebecca, modern-day wine-expert and ‘nose’, never dreamed she’d become a wine-detective too. But when Doctor ‘47 and his dark forces continue saturating the market with chemically made copy-wines, ready to decimate anyone in their way, especially Rebecca, she travels across time and space—escorted by Julius Caesar, Wolfgang Puck and Julia Child—to find the first vine. Will Rebecca prevail and save wine for Pharaoh Narmer to sign peace treaties with it in 3000 B.C.; for King Nestor to inherit wine and with it postpone the Trojan War in 1250 B.C.? Indeed will Rebecca with Caesar invent Champagne in 50 B.C. and foil Doctor ‘47?

Julius Caesar Invented Champagne takes you on a dramatic adventure over eleven thousand years to the birth of Dionysos.

Praise for Madeleine de Jean’s Julius Caesar Invented Champagne

“Through the lens of a Champagne flute Madeleine broadens the scope of our culture’s history and the roots of our taste for great wines.” John Scharffenberger, Scharffenberger Sparkling andScharffen Berger Chocolates.

When Madeleine de Jean opened the first wine bar in the US in New Orleans with Chef Paul Prudhomme and became the first woman sommelier in the world, she was expanding her dramatic talents from stage and screen which had been honed at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Paris’s Comedie Francaise Conservatoire. Her detecting and tasting in archives and vineyards for decades results in Julius Caesar Invented Champagne, in which ‘Madam Champagne’ continues sharing her beliefs in the civilizing effects of wine and Champagne.


Nunc bibendum est.

Please find more on Madeleine de Jean’s Author’s page

Julius Caesar Invented Champagne

now released on:

Hail Caesar!



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