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Last July while I was waiting for a review of this story from Lisa, instead I received word from her daughter, ANN FRENCH, that her darling mother had died.

So I dedicated my novel to LISA FRENCH.

And contribute in her name a portion of the sales of each book to the conservation of the Tomb of the Griffin Warrior. It was thanks to Lisa intervening with Shari Stocker at that site in 2014 that i was able to see the incredible discoveries made at Nestor’s palace.

DARLING LISA you are so missed. Madeleine

Below is a photo of a figurine from Mycenae. Lisa was very interested when I told her that I called this figuring The Opera Singer. She wanted to know why. And I explained that that is the stance all singers take to sustain the breath and let the notes flow on the stream.

And then I pointed out how marvelously she was costumed. LIsa loved this explanation.

And when I told her what I thought these girls were all about,  those in that case in back of me in the museum LIsa created in Mycenae , I could feel her smile and her approval.

And what I think they were all about is in AND THE STARS BEGAN TO FALL, a novel with an archaeologist who has an out-of-body experience with the figurines she discovered there at Mycenae.


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